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I will share my review today in thus article with you. This review is based on my personal experience and use. In this review you will learn about Is is legit or scam? Furthermore, I will add my Payment proof. 

What is is a new investment website bzased in Pakistan, where minimum investment start from 800 rupees only. You can easily turn the 800 to 1152 rupees in 48 hours on 3% commission. They have plans as well where you can earn even more commission.
Plan 1
plan_icon Zipcar First Plan 3% to 4.4% Hourly For 48 hours Hourly Profit (%)
  • ₨800.00 - ₨8000.00 3.00
  • ₨10000.00 - ₨25000.00 4.40

Plan 2
plan_icon ZipCar VIP 3Days Plan Daily 12% Daily Profit (%)
  • ₨5000.00 - ₨150000.00 12.00

Plan 3
plan_icon Zipcar Ramadan Pack: Daily 7% to 7.6% For 29 Days Daily Profit (%)
  • ₨500.00 - ₨10000.00 7.00
  • ₨15000.00 - ₨25000.00 7.30
  • ₨30000.00 - ₨50000.00 7.60

How works?

For start making money with you have to registered for new account on first. Now you need to deposit at least 800 rupees. This is the minimum investment. You can invest upto 30000 PKR.
as they have hourly plans, you receive profit every hour, which can be available for withdraw into JazzCash, Easypaisa and Pakistani bank accounts. The minimum withdrawal starts from 80 rupees. So, you can imagine, how simple is to make use of your money for making money.

Terms and Conditions or Rules:

Here are some rules, you should need to know about before registering for new account. 
  • Zipcar is available on only invite base rules. 
  • 18+ members are allowed to join the system 
  • ZipCar.Ltd is not responsible for any of your lost. 
  • They have the power to suspended your account without telling the reason. Review | Is is legit? 

If you are come across my other blog post, which I posted about investment websites then this final verdict is not hard to predict. Yes!  You got it right. This website is another ponzi scheme website. But with different mindset, great design and clear but cleaver rules. Yes Clear but clever rules. 
As we always avoid reading terms of any website, that give good opportunity to ponzi scheme creators to play with us. They leave all clues of being scam website on the Rules or Terms & conditions section. But Why they do that? They do it because they don't want to face any legal provision. 
As it is clearly states on rules section, the website is only available on Invite base only. But still anyone can access to and can make account without referral code. They just want to bypass US Securities Act of 1933, the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the US Investment Company Act of 1940 and all other rules, regulations and amendments. So don't put your money at risk. 

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